Adding Bright Colors to Vintage Furniture

A trendy way to repurpose old furniture is to add a bright pop of color to any vintage furniture piece.  People seem to like adding at least one colorful piece to a room that makes a statement, especially in south Florida. I find most of my furniture and accessories at yard sale or thrift stores and then dive in making it new, fun and interesting with lots of different colors.  I use a satin latex paint on most of the items I paint. Using the original vintage hardware, but spray painting it updates their look.  Depending on the actual piece, painting with a small sponge roller is the easiest way to paint the bright colors on.  It can take up to three coats to get the brightest hue.  I use a good quality brush for hitting the details or hard to reach places.  Here are just a few examples of pieces that were painted over the past few years to create some new great looks.  Every room can use a pop of color!

BEFORE – Great bones, but boring!
AFTER – Bright Pink pops!


This dresser was painted with Coral Cables latex paint.


Fuscia Nightstand


Turquoise Dresser


Coral Nightstand


Light Blue Dresser/Console

Using red spray paint, this otherwise ugly brown rocking chair became a beauty.

Red Rocking Chair


Turquoise Nightstand


Mid-Century Coral Nightstand


Tiffany Blue Dresser

These pieces below were special-ordered in a beautiful pink for a customer from the west coast of Florida.

Bubblegum Pink Dresser & Nightstand


Turquoise Side Table
Bright Coral Bench
Tiffany Blue Nightstand
Turquoise Antique Chest
Coral End Table
Bright Pink End Table

I sold all of these pieces on Craigslist or my Practically Palm Beach Facebook page but it was really fun painting bright colors on otherwise boring furniture.  If you want to make a bold statement in any room pick your favorite pop of color and start painting!


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