Thrift Store Pitcher Gets Makeover

Recently when shopping in Goodwill for a cute vase for fresh flowers, I spotted this cute light yellow pitcher.  It was a pretty large pitcher and was marked $7.99.  It seems to be old but I am not an antique expert so I am not sure.  My guess it’s probably a reproduction but I loved the curves and style.  Get in my cart now, you little cutie!

I was pleasantly suprised when I got up to the register and it was 50% off of this piece!  Yay!  Even better!

Although the butter yellow is cute, everything in my house is white and the yellow had to go.  Out comes a can of white spraypaint.

I tipped it upside-down to spray the bottom first and started spraying.  Always spray outside in a well-ventilated area.  I found that this particular paint was leaving some small sand-like bumps which is probably from the primer in it.  Uh-oh!  I let it dry and took some find sandpaper and sanded off any little bumps that I saw.


I actually ended up trying another can of white paint (see below) that I had in the garage to finish it up without getting more bumps.  This style of Rust-oleum seems to spray more evenly and easily so I should have just used it from the start.

The pitcher looks so fresh and white now and I will be able to use it as a vase and as a decor piece.  It will not be used for beverages.  I think it adds a bit more French style to my already “Frenchy” decor in my house and will be used year-round.  It looks like a real ironstone piece (at least from a distance).

I plan to use the pitcher to hold fresh flowers, but it looks just as pretty just sitting next to the other white pieces I have in the dining room.  I wish I had the room for a collection.

Use as a vase for flowers

Check back next week for more Practically Palm Beach tips!

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