Making Mother’s Day Special Without Eating Out

Mother’s Day is about honoring all moms and since we just had Mother’s Day I decided to blog on it this week.  Most moms want to relish in that day as a day that they do not have to lift a finger or do any kind of work.  I get it!  I was like that until recently as well.  However, I am not a fan of fighting the crowds and waiting a long time for a table at a restaurant either.  We live in a busy, populated area of south Florida and everyone goes out to eat, especially on holidays.  This new tradition I am going to share seems to work out better for me and my family.  Maybe you will even try it next year.

For the past two years I have decided that it is more fun and easier in some ways, to entertain at our house and make it special for everyone without going out to eat.  I figured out that my home provides a more relaxed atmosphere where kids can run around, guests can nibble on appetizers and there is always dessert!  I happen to love my home and sharing it with others is always fun, even if there is a little bit of work involved.

Although it takes a little bit of planning and shopping ahead, it can happen pretty easily.  Last year I made a brunch with a couple of quiches, strawberry poppyseed salad, fresh fruit, Publix baby croissants and other goodies.  Many things can be prepared or even cooked the day before so all you have to do is heat them up or take them out of the fridge and put them on the counter.  Family and friends also help by bringing drinks, desserts and appetizers.  I always set the table the day before so I don’t have to do that on the actual day.  The more prepping ahead you do, the more you can just enjoy the day and not have to work too hard.  Once the meal is done, my husband always does the clean up and dishes for me which is so wonderful!  Here are some photos of last year’s brunch.  I messed up and didn’t get too many of this past Sunday’s lunch when I made pesto chicken, mac and cheese and the favorite salad mentioned above.  I guess it will have to be at every Mother’s Day it is such a hit!




Nothing Bundt Cakes and a coconut cream pie were this year’s desserts!

Some fresh flowers from my son added that extra special touch to the day!  Thanks, Dustin!

However you spend your Mother’s Day, make it special!  I will challenge you to give this idea a try on any holiday.  I’m sure your guests will appreciate it very much and have much better memories of the day.



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