Creating Distressed Shabby Chic Treasures

Any piece of wood furniture can be painted and distressed into a gorgeous shabby chic treasure.  The more detail it has the better it will turn out.  I recently saw this solid wood table at our local Goodwill store for $39 plus tax.  I contemplated walking away as I knew I would have to take a paintbrush to it and turn it white.  The other thing was that I don’t have a place to put it in my house.  Painting something with all the other projects I have to do just didn’t seem like a good idea but I just couldn’t walk away without it.  It was just a treasure for $39.

So here it is getting a coat of Kilz primer.  I had to do most of this piece with a brush since it had so much detail.  I used a sponge roller on the top only.  

After the primer was dry, I ended up doing about 4 coats of white latex paint!  This dark brown wood is very hard to cover, but I was persistent and here it is all white.  The detailing on this piece is so beautiful and I love how the white freshens it up!

The next step is distressing.  Simply take a 100 grit piece of sandpaper and lightly sand until some of the paint starts coming off the embossed areas.  You can sand any area that sticks out and would show wear if it was actually an old piece.  This technique works perfect on a dark wood piece because the dark wood peeks through just like it is supposed to.




Last, I put on a coat of Polyacrylic with a brush to seal and protect the paint job.  What do you think?

This cute piece will go over to my my daughter-in-law and son’s place and will be perfect next to their front door.

Here is it pictured a house by the front door at their house.  SO CUTE!  It’s Practically Palm Beach!

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  1. You did a great job. It looks perfect were you placed it. Thanks for sharing your many talents!!

    1. Thanks, Sharon! It is so easy to make a piece look totally different with just some paint.

  2. I’m FINALLY HERE! And I’m enjoying every word and every picture. I love that your amazing talent is on display via this blog! Congratulations and keep sharing your beautiful “finds” and wisdom! <3