Cultivating My Inner Mermaid

I’m a self-proclaimed beach lover/mermaid.  Well, that may be a little stretch on the mermaid but I do love the ocean.  I love the sand between my toes and the warm, summer water of the Atlantic Ocean.  I live in south Florida and spend as much time as I can at the beach.  It refreshes my soul and I seem to talk to God at the beach more than at any other place.  There’s just something that it does to me.

I feel especially blessed because this month my husband and I rented a place on the beach for the entire month on Hutchinson Island which might be one of the most beautiful places on earth.  It’s amazing waking up every morning to this view from the 7th floor.  We were pleasantly surprised at how affordable it was to stay here an entire month, although you have to be out there looking to find a place that you can rent for just one month.  We used to spend half of the rent cost just coming up for a couple weekends staying at a hotel.  An entire month of this is so relaxing as we can settle in with our clothes out of suitcases and into drawers and the closet.

Every day is different at the beach.  Our first day here the waves were churning up seaweed as seen in the photo below.  I wasn’t crazy about the seaweed but from up here, the view was still spectacular.

A few days into our month stay, the beach is beautiful, calm and cleaner.  We watched dolphins swim by tonight.

The turquoise blue ocean is so pretty that I can’t stop taking photos of it.  We are going to check out all the local restaurants and vowed to not eat at one chain restaurant the whole time we are here.  I’ll blog about some of those spots.

We did check out the Square Grouper on the Fort Pierce Inlet but didn’t eat there yet.  We also stopped by Archies in Fort Pierce to grab a menu for a later date.

Square Grouper, Fort Pierce

We are now one week into our beach adventure and enjoying every moment!  I hope you are all having a great summer and enjoying some sunshine somewhere.



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