About Me


I love warm weather and clear, turquoise ocean water.  Having survived the cold winters of northwestern Minnesota for the first 30 years of my life, I now appreciate living in the Palm Beach area with my husband, Larry, where it is warm and tropical.

I discovered over the years that decorating our home was one of my favorite things to do and then people started asking for my advice on decorating their  homes.  I found it was especially rewarding when I took a “thrifty” piece of furniture and created something new and beautiful out of it.  That is how Practically Palm Beach began.

Selling my painted creations on Craigslist and a former Facebook site called “Cher’s Nest”, I started this adventure which has now turned in this new blog called Practically Palm Beach.  The name was inspired by living in the Palm Beach area, but not having the Palm Beach budget to spend.   I was raised pretty thrifty and would never feel right not trying to be creative with what I could afford.

My husband and I are very proud of our four grown children and seven grandchildren!

I hope you enjoy reading and can find some ideas to try on your own.