How to Age Terracotta Pots

Last weekend I picked up three small terracotta pots at a yard sale for $1.  Lately I’ve been thinking I need some live plants around but because I do not have a green thumb I tend to not even try.  I guess my desire to have live plants won!  I went to Lowes and picked up some small cute plants that were only about $3.50 each.  I did want them inside but I’m also redecorating my patio so I thought they might be cute out there too.  However, I wanted the pots to look old and worn, not like this!

And I’m pretty obsessed with old mossy urns and pots that look old right now! (Pinterest Photo)

I purchased a can of Sand Stone spray paint at Lowes.  This will add some texture to the exterior of the pots.

After randomly spraying this paint on the pots, they looked like this.  You don’t have to cover the entire pot perfectly. (Watch out for those alligators in the background!!!!!). HA!

Oh, did you notice I’m using a piece of cardboard that I snow flocked some things on at Christmas?

Next I took some white paint and “dry-brushed” some paint on the outside of the pots.  Be careful to not use too much paint. Your brush should be wiped off before you even touch the pots.  I put the white paint on heavier in some places because I liked that look.

Next came a dab of olive green and black craft paints that I bought at Michaels.  This is simply to lightly add the “moss and dirt” spots to a few parts of the pots.  Again, the trick is to dab almost all the paint off the brush before touching the pots.  You don’t need much at all.  I guess I’ll have lots of this paint available for another project down the road.

Here are the pots completed.  Some people would seal them with a sealer at this point.  I chose not to and will just see how they hold up.

These two pots landed outside on the patio for now but I still plan on using the other one inside somewhere.

This was a super easy project and the result make the pots seem like I’ve had them for years and not killed them!



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I Can’t Resist an Antique Nightstand

While shopping at a local thrift store for a small coffee table, I found this little antique nightstand for $8 and just couldn’t resist buying it.  Although I don’t paint too many items to sell anymore, I just had to bring it home for that price.  I thought that maybe I could find a place for it somewhere in my house.   It also had the original glass knobs which I had removed already before I took this photo.

I loved the curved front drawer and the interesting “feet” on the front of the nightstand.

It did have some water rings on the top so I decide to chalk paint it.

Here is the result after several coats of chalk paint.  It was ready for purchase.  I posted it on Craigslist and some Facebook sites to sell and it sold quickly for a nice profit.  Interestingly, the person who bought it was going to paint it an off-white instead of the bright white that I had painted it.  Oh well, that’s what happens sometimes.  I hope the new owner enjoys it for many years!


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Yard Sale Candlesticks Get a Facelift with Chalk Paint

Something will catch my eye at a yard sale and I’ll just have to pick it up.  This was the case for these large green ceramic candlesticks that I purchased for $5 right in our neighborhood.  I didn’t necessarily hate the color, but I wasn’t sure I would have a place for them either.  They just were large candlesticks with a cute “shabby chic” design and for $5 they went home with me.  The price tag on the bottom of just one was $39!

I couldn’t find a good place for them in my house so when my son and his wife bought a home in the development across the street from us, I brought them over to see if there would be a place for them.   I always try things in various places and move accessories around a room to see where they might work best.  Sometimes they stay and other times they end up in another room.  I started by putting them on the mantel but they just didn’t seem right there.

Later on I added a mirror above the mantle and they were just too large.  I took them back home and put them in the garage to sell.  I even had them out on a site posted for sale but I didn’t get any buyers.

While working on ideas for their master bedroom, I came up with a new plan for them.  Why not get out my chalk paint and just give them a nice neutral coat.  It literally took me less than thirty minutes to transform them into what you see below.  Both of the chalk paint colors were purchased from Michaels and were already in my garage so it didn’t cost me anything.  I put one coat of the taupe/grayish color on first with a brush and then highlighted the embossed areas with white to bring that out.  I also added some white brush strokes to the body to make them look old.  The good thing about this project is it is better if the paint job isn’t perfect as I wanted it to look old and worn.

Since I was helping them decorate their master bedroom, I purchased some antique dressers on Craigslist and planned on going in the direction of a farmhouse chic style.  These would work very well.  I will share more photos of the bedroom when it is all finished but here is where the candlesticks landed!

It’s a beach kind of week!

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How to Paint Upholstered Furniture

How many times have you passed on buying a piece of vintage furniture because you really hated the fabric on it and didn’t have the money to pay for someone to reupholster it?  I used to until I discovered that almost anything can be painted if you are willing to put in some time.  I would warn that it is very difficult to paint over a textured fabric such as velveteen or very “nubby” type fabrics.  Believe me I’ve tried and failed doing this.  However, if the piece is a simple cotton or a non-textured fabric, it can be done and look quite nice.

I read a lot about doing this on Pinterest before attempting it.  There are several different ways of painting the fabric.  This post will just show one chair that I have painted.  This chair was purchased at a yard sale for $3 and had what I call “good bones” so I thought I’d experiment with it.  If I tried and failed, it could go out with the bulk pick up with the garbage.

This is how the piece looked before I started painting the fabric.  I am definitely not in love with this weird striped fabric that doesn’t even work with a tufted back.  The chair was otherwise in perfect condition and very sturdy.  Even the caning was perfect on the sides.

The first thing I did was chalk paint the wooden frame and the caning with a light taupe/gray chalk paint from Michaels.  After that was dry I took a spray bottle and filled it with water and sprayed the fabric to wet it a little.  Pinterest told me to do this before the first coat so I followed their instructions!  It is supposed to help the paint soak in and adhere to the fabric.  I am not really sure that was needed after I did it.  Then I started chalk painting the fabric with a white chalk paint that I already had in my stash.  The first couple layers didn’t cover too well so I knew it was going to take many coats to cover this lovely blue striped fabric, especially since I was going white.


You have to lightly sand the fabric after each coat of chalk paint to keep the fabric from getting too stiff.  It still won’t be super soft but should still feel like fabric if done right.

Truthfully, I thought I was going to end up throwing the chair away as I was just tired of putting coat after coat on and sanding but I kept going.  In the end I even switched to straight latex paint for the final 2 coats.  Because I did that to speed up the coverage, the seat ended up being almost “leather-like” but even that is better than the original and I think it turned out real cute.


I wouldn’t say this is my favorite repurpose makeover, but this is a room that doesn’t get a lot of use so the chair works for now and looks good.  Time will tell on the “wear” to see if it holds up.  Next time you see something you like but you don’t like the fabric, give it a try!   You might be able to make it Practically Palm Beach style.

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Quick and Easy Way to Update Anything – Chalk Paint!

This week’s blog is so simple that anyone can do it!  It only takes minutes to make simple changes on just about anything small.  Several years ago I found these decor topiaries at our local Goodwill store for about $8 a piece.  Pretty thrifty find, don’t you think?  Since they are fairly tall and I know what these things cost at retail stores, I grabbed them and put them on my fireplace mantel.  However, if you know me at all I have to paint almost everything that comes into my house!

I used them for several years with the gray, rustic hue on the pots.  I loved them!

However, since I have lightened everything else in my living room this year, I decided one day to chalk paint the bases with white chalk paint that I bought from Michaels.

Chalk paint is the best stuff ever!  I just painted it on and it immediately gave it the lightness that I was looking for and you don’t have to exact on something like this at all.  Actually, I just wanted it to look messy and half-painted.

Here they are mid-project.

After painting them, I love the bright result and I feel like I have new pieces!   I may not even have a place to put them now but I’m keeping them for future decor in case I need them.  It was such a simple way to update and brighten up the topiaries.


Time to go shelling at the beach!


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Designing a Coastal Beach Bedroom on a Budget

Designing a Coastal beach bedroom on a budget is easier and cheaper than you think!

What was I thinking!!!???  I live in South Florida and have never had a room that was specifically designed in a coastal beach style.  That’s just WRONG!  I guess it just has never been my style…that is, until recently! I tend to redecorate rooms in my house quite frequently as I get inspired by a piece of furniture, or gazing through Pinterest or in this case, a visit to the beach. Last spring I was bored with a spare bedroom that hadn’t changed in several years.  It was painted Rockport Gray and had a rustic/vintage feel.

It just seemed like it was ready for a new fresh, brighter more coastal look.  Let’s go BEACHY!

I started by going through my stash (and I mean large stash) of paint swatches to find just the right blue wall color.  This Sea Salt Blue was the perfect palette to start the coastal beach bedroom transformation.  The only other thing I really needed to do was add some accessories and change out some of the rustic/vintage furniture as I found it.  Being the practical person I am, I started searching for beachy decor at yard sales and discount stores.

A new paint color instantly changed the room.

I found the knarly branch and Beach House sign at yard sales.

Two Yard Sale Finds – Branch & Sign

I had purchased this awesome headboard at a yard sale years ago for only $8!  So many people have wanted to buy this from me, but it’s just one of those pieces that I’ll never sell because it can be used in many different ways.  I also bought the high-quality cotton blue pillow shams at a yard sale for $8/both.

I found these two pillows at Steinmart and Homegoods.

Pretty much everything in this room has been purchased from a yard sale, even the matelasse bedspread ($5) and silk bedskirt ($5).

I just needed another pop of beachy color and decided to pick up this striped throw from Tuesday Morning for $39 (sort of a splurge for me), but it was perfect so I went for it.

Even the plantation shutters were purchased at a yard sale a few years ago and fit in very well with the beach cottage look.

Finally, the best deal in my house is this antique brass chandelier that was purchased many years ago at a yard sale for only $3!  I’ve actually had it for many years and even brought it from my former house where it was in my dining room.  I’m not sure it’s COASTAL/BEACHY but I love it so it stays.

Antique Brass Chandelier
Mercury Glass Lamps (TJ Maxx)
Yard Sale Etched Mirror $3
Got to have a beachy candle!

I found this Bombay dresser on the side of the road when I was out yard-saling!  Why do people throw away perfectly great furniture pieces???  I grabbed it!

Bombay Dresser FREE

I already had this vintage dresser that I had previously painted a light gray that I thought would work.  I pulled it out of the closet and updated it by faux-painting it with the same wall paint to give it a nice beachy look.

Two great friends blessed me with the mermaid and turtle decor pieces and the bedroom was complete (at least for now)!  Anyone who knows me knows that it will constantly change and items will get new items to make it even beachier over time.  I’m so happy I brightened up the space and now have my coastal beach bedroom for guests.  I’m still debating about painting the two dark pieces so stay tuned in for updated looks on another blog.  coastal-beach-bedroom

My mom and sister were just here visiting so my mom was given the new beachy room to enjoy.

My husband and I love the beach.  Although, the water is too cool for me in the winter, we can still enjoy laying in the sand and soaking in the rays.  We try to go at least once a week in the summer to soak in the rays and lounge in the warm water.  It is so relaxing and it inspired this week’s blog.


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Welcome to Practically Palm Beach

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